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Brands Rofvape

Rofvape - Warlock Peas Kit

Complete Kit - Pod/Starter Kit


Ex Tax: $23.00

Rofvape Warlock Peas Kit - Pod/Starter Kit. Peas Vape Pen is the latest starter kit released by Rofvape. It is light and small, and can be easily vaped at anytime and anywhere. With air flow switch it will start smoking as long as you vape. With low battery protection, short circuit protecti..

Brands Rofvape

Rofvape - Peas Pod (5pcs/pack)

Accessories - Replacement Coil


Ex Tax: $16.00

Rofvape Peas Replacement Pod.  Easy to use, refillable pod. Remove the plug on the bottom of the pod and fill with your favorite juice, then replace the plug. Let the cotton inside the pod soak up the liquid for a couple minutes, then place it inside the battery until it clicks. Puff when ..

Brands Rofvape

Rofvape - Prebuilt Coil (10pcs/pack)

Accessories - Prebuilt Replacement Coil


Ex Tax: $6.50

Prebuilt Coils: Hive 0.5ohm, Clapton 0.85ohm, Mix Twisted 0.45ohm. Rofvape prebuilt coils are currently available in three variants being Hive, Mix Twisted & Clapton. Take the hassle out of building coils and buy a container of 10 pre-built coils at a great price. 10 pack in plastic box..

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